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"What do you write? What do you say? What do you think?
How do you behave? How do you mourn your friend? . . .

It's simply incomprehensible. The pictures, the memories, the stories and the shared experiences all run through our minds. We cannot begin to share all the thoughts, let alone talk about you in the past tense.

Ido, do you know that this is perhaps the first time that we have called you by your proper name, Ido. For us, you always were and always will be Shappy.
You came to our unit from the pilot training course and we very quickly understood that you were one-of-a-kind, a very special sort of guy. You were always tidy and organized, everything was in its place, and you had this amazing inner peace. You worked hard at everything and were a real professional. You only needed to look at a map for a few seconds and you were ready to navigate.

We always joked about how serious you were, but we managed to squeeze a laugh or two and some kidding around out of you. It's unbearable to think about you and know that we will not meet again. You never complained and enjoyed everything that you did.

In recent months, you were constantly visiting, phoning, and checking up with each of us to see how we were doing. You told us how you couldnt wait for the guys from November 2004 to arrive because you were going to be their commanding officer.

Daniella and Uri, Ido never told you about the things he was doing in the army because he didnt want to worry you. He wanted you to feel that there was no cause for anxiety or fear.

He looked after everyone and was always asking us "What's up?" He would explain everything down to the finest details, and always searched for all the answers to all the questions. With a smile, he would say "Hey guys, we've got a problem here!"

Yes, Shappy, we've got a big problem here all right! You left us so suddenly but there's still so much left for you to do. There are still equations to solve and numerous tracks that you haven't yet walked and sadly never will . . . but you need to know, Shappy, that you are with us in our hearts when we walk those tracks and you'll always be a part of us. Shappy, ask our merciful father above to keep us safe and to keep safe all those who care about you and all the IDF soldiers.

Uri, Daniella, Hilah and Noa, we want you to know that the whole team is here for you and with you always. Daniella, today we became part of your family and now you have another twenty-three sons. There is no way for us to thank you enough for all that you have done for us and for the support that you gave us and to Ido.

No words can describe our sense of loss and sorrow. Shappy, we, the March 2004 team, ask you to forgive us if we caused you hurt or harm in any way. We bow our heads in sorrow, and we salute and thank you for everything, but specially for the privilege of being your friend.

  May your memory be blessed.
The March 04 Team