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We are here to honor your memory, Shappy, For two years, we the March 2004 team walked side by side, fought together with you on the different fronts, and before you were taken from us, it was always you who would call us, concerned for the well-being of your friends.

To honor your memory, we are building a lookout that will be known as the Mitspor Ha-Sayarim (Patrolman's Lookout). It will be located on the Karmia Ridge of Mount Carmel.

This Lookout is first and foremost a symbol of your love for nature and of the outstanding ability to navigate with great accuracy that you demonstrated throughout your military service.

The Patrolman's Lookout will provide us, and numerous other soldiers, with a place to meet and remember you; a place where others can get to know who you were; a place that looks out over breathtaking views where we can remember you and the indelible mark that you left on our lives, with your knowledge, your experience, your warmth and your sensitivity.

And of course this Lookout, which will be beautiful like you, will be a living monument for your family. There is so much to tell and write about you, our one-of-a-kind and special brother.

Today, more than two years since Ido left us, we ask for your help to complete this monument to honor Ido's memory.

In planning and designing the Lookout, our first concern was to ensure that we protected the natural surroundings and caused no damage. We who have trekked and navigated our way across Israel from north to south and east to west, firmly believe that protecting the natural environment is of the utmost importance. With this belief in mind, we envision creating a unique memorial that will contain no synthetic or contaminating materials. Instead, we will use resources that are in keeping with the surroundings – local rocks and stones will be used to build the lookout around alreadyexisting paths, and trees will be planted that do not overwhelm the long-established brush in this area.

The shape of the lookout will be circular to envelope and embrace those who stand within. The area of the monument itself will not be planted so as to retain the natural beauty of the environment. The Lookout will be a meeting place that faces out towards breathtaking views that will cause time to stop momentarily, leaving us alone with our memories.

When we chose this location, we were pleased to see that the Israel National Trail passes just a few meters below the lookout. The area and the Lookout will be well signposted, inviting people – individuals and families, new and veteran soldiers and anyone who walks the National Trail – to stop at the Lookout point which will provide them with a place to rest, to enjoy the view and the wide open space. The Lookout will also provide us with a special place where we can reminisce and share our memories of Ido with the Shapira family; where we can shower them with warmth and affection, in the hope that this will bring a small measure of comfort to the family and to the Unit which was scarred by the tragedy. .All this is living testimony to our friend Ido who, with great skill and assurance, navigated his way between the trails and rocks, over hills and mountains and through the vegetation, all of which he loved so much.

By the time we had finished our military training and had begun our combat assignments, we had also learned the ultimate importance of development and training. We learned to appreciate the mother who raises her children to have values and gives them a proper education; we learned to value the school teacher who lovingly teaches and educates their students; and our commanding officers who trained us; and we in turn volunteered to train and guide, to the best of our ability, new teams of soldiers.

Today we regard the building of this Lookout, the desire to perpetuate the memory of Ido z"l, and the Zionist and environmental endeavors as a value of the greatest importance. We understand the impact of protecting and developing the natural environment, and of course the importance of perpetuating the memory of those we hold dear.

The State of Israel is saturated with pain, sadness and memorial monuments. However, without these monuments, museums, and milestones, we have no way of preserving and passing on to those who come after us, the history of this old-young country, or of ensuring its continuity. These monuments enable us to believe and hope for a better future.